Cosmetic laser therapy is changing the way people think about their appearance. In the past, people had to rely on costly, dangerous plastic surgery treatments to improve their appearance. Today, advancements in cosmetic laser technology have revolutionized the industry and made cosmetic treatment safer and more accessible than ever before.

At the South Granville Laser & Skin Care Centre, we offer a number of unique cosmetic laser therapy services. Those services include:

Together, these services have helped patients recapture their beauty and feel better about how they look.

The secret behind our cosmetic laser treatment is our use of Nd:YAG lasers specially designed for use in cosmetology. These lasers can be used to target specific layers of the skin without affecting deeper tissues or the external layers of the skin.

Ultimately, this means better results for our clients. Our licensed cosmetic laser professionals will walk you through every step of the painless procedure. Clients enjoy minimal downtime following laser therapy and cosmetic lasers can be used to treat a diverse range of skin conditions and problems.

Come into our clinic today and learn why cosmetic laser therapy is changing the way people think about cosmetic treatment.