Skin laser treatment is an effective way to treat facial veins which are too small to be injected. With skin laser treatment, we use a long pulsed Nd-Yag to specially target spider and facial veins.

Recent advancements in laser technology allow our specialists to target only the hemoglobin within the blood vessel without harming the skin or penetrating deeper into the body. Once the laser targets a vessel, the vein becomes thermally coagulated, which causes it to collapse. Then, your body repairs the area and restores its natural appearance.


We can also use our facial laser treatment to treat clients with specific conditions, including:

Telangiectasia: This condition causes dilated capillaries to appear as fine red lines on the surface of the skin. Telangiectasia commonly appears around the nose and on the cheeks.

Ruby and Cherry Angiomas: Ruby and cherry angiomas are concentrated collections of dilated capillaries which create a circular shape on the skin. This shape can be large or small and appears as a bright red or purple spot.