Laser Hair Removal Treatments Vancouver, BC

South Granville Laser & Skin Care Centre has been providing laser hair removal services in Vancouver for over ten years. Since 2004, we’ve permanently removed unwanted body hair for thousands of clients for across the lower mainland. Trust our team of experienced Technicians to provide you with the everlasting results provided by medical grade laser hair removal.

While some clinics can only treat specific skin types, South Granville Laser & Skin Care Centre utilizes medical grade 1064 ND yad laser technology – allowing the most effective laser hair removal results among a wide spectrum of skin & hair tones.

Our 20 minute consultation is provided free of charge and offers you the opportunity to build an understanding of the laser hair removal process, as well as the chance to meet your Laser Technician before making your decision. We can also expedite this consultation for guests who have previously undergone laser hair removal procedures at other facilities.

Simply request your appointment below and expect a call or email back within one business hour. We look forward to meeting you!

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Since incorporating the Cynosure Elite laser into our practice, the results and client satisfaction have been nothing less than phenomenal.  The Elite system has a 755 Alexandrite and a 1064 ND yad wavelength, which is the most advanced technology available.  What this means is we can effectively treat any skin type desiring a comfortable, effective way to remove unwanted hair without complication or adverse side effects with the energy levels required to disable the hair follicles.  No more shaving, waxing or plucking is necessary.  Laser hair removal can be painful depending on the laser: however the Elite laser hair removal system by Cynosure gives you of the most comfortable laser hair removal treatments. This laser for hair removal is truly advanced in its delivery of laser pulses and its cooling methods.


Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatments give men and women a lasting solution for unwanted hair. Whether you choose the more “permanent” laser hair removal or the method for temporary laser hair removal (lasts up to 10-12 weeks at a time), laser are truly revolutionary in how they have transformed the hair removal industry.


Laser hair removal works by using laser light to destroy or disable hair follicles that are in the growth phase.  Not all the hair is in the growth phase at any given time and so multiple treatments are recommended to achieve the best results. The colour of the hair is also important in hair removal, as blonde hair is difficult to treat since it does not have any pigment in the hair.  Very fine baby or vellus hair can also be difficult to treat, however the option of a “ Soft light” laser treatment gives people the option to have a laser hair treatment that results in temporary removal of the hair for up to 10-12 weeks at a time.  This is still a great option for many people as it is still better to have this laser hair treatment than other methods of hair removal.

What does a Laser Hair Removal treatment feel like?

Laser Hair Removal treatments differ in how they feel depending on the machine that is used and your body’s sensitivity at the time of treatment.  The sensation described is that of a rubber band snapping against your skin.  The Elite laser is one of the most comfortable, fastest laser and as the laser fires a blast of cold air is also given to the skin resulting in a very comfortable experience for your laser hair treatment.


Laser Hair Removal Results

Laser Hair Removal for unwanted hair gives results of 60-80% or better over a course of treatments.  Hair grows in stages and the laser is only effective when the hair is at its growth stage.  In reality not all the follicles of hair are destroyed, some are reduced to fine hairs. Multiple treatments at set intervals for the part of the body provide the best results.  Medication and hormones as well as ethnicity affect laser hair removal results.  Darker skin types typically require more treatments to achieve the best laser hair removal results and only some laser may be suitable for the treatments.