Remember all of the times that you had too much sun exposure? Your skin does.

Your skin is a living record of every moment of damaging UV ray exposure that you’ve had throughout your life.  So whether you’ve had a little or a lot, it all adds up to sun damaged skin.  The visible results are sun spots, freckles, and other discolorations on any area of skin that has been exposed, including your face, chest, and hands.

However, it’s not too late.  You can defy the effects of the sun with a MedLite  cosmetic laser treatment.  MedLite uses pulses of light to deliver energy to your skin.  Using proprietary PhotoAcoustic Technology, MedLite targets and removes unwanted discolorations, including freckles, sun spots, and age spots, resulting in skin that is clearer and more even-toned.

Contact us today to find out how MedLite can erase your skin’s record, giving you a clear start to more radiant skin.

We use the following laser for Pigmented Lesions

  • MEDLITE C6 532 nm
  • Elite 1064