Spider veins pose a serious threat to our skin as we grow older. Spider veins are bothersome and unattractive and, worst of all, they serve no real function in our bodies.

Spider veins occur for a number of different reasons. However, most people suffer from spider veins due to UV light from the sun. When we expose our skin to the sun, it can cause our veins to appear red or purple.  In other cases, patients experience red or purple veins due to genetics, aging, or environmental factors.

At our clinic, certified laser specialists use long pulsed ND-Yag to target spider veins beneath the skin and can be reduced or gone in 1 to 2 visits. These lasers work by specifically targeting hemoglobin within the blood vessel without damaging the surrounding tissue or skin. The targeted vessel is thermally coagulated, causing it to collapse. Then, your body absorbs the vessel and repairs the area with new skin tissue.

Laser therapy is a safe, easy, and effective way to reduce the appearance of spider veins. Treatment sessions last ten to thirty minutes and patients experience minimal discomfort and no downtime.

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