CompuLift is a unique treatment which gently protects the skin against the effects of aging. CompuLift uses microcurrents to target three layers of your skin: the epidermis, the dermis, and the underlying muscles.  By stimulating the cellular and circulatory mechanisms we are restoring the skin’s elasticity, firming the skin across the skin and neck toning muscle and generating tissue.

While other skin care treatments focus solely on the outer layers of the skin, CompuLift takes a more holistic approach. The outer layer of your skin is just one element of your skin’s appearance: by targeting deeper layers of the dermis and muscle tissue, our specialists can enhance the appearance of your skin in a more effective way.

With CompuLift, clients can smooth away fine lines and wrinkles while preventing sagging. Following treatment, clients enjoy firm skin, toned facial muscles, and a more youthful, natural appearance.