Since the dawn of middle school young girls everywhere have embarked into a lifetime of hair removal – armpits, legs, bikini line. Less hair = better, with the exception of on our heads. While we ladies and most hair removal facilities have been fixated on female hair removal many of us have forgotten about the needs of our male counterparts. Many men want, and need, temporary or permanent hair removal options. Many men stick to the more traditional methods like using a razor or waxing but in recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of men looking for a more permanent option.

The single most important thing for any man considering laser hair removal to know is that it is permanent. There is no turning back; which for many is the draw. But, if you are removing your unwanted hair because of a current trend then maybe take a few more moments to consider your decision before moving forward with laser treatments.
Who are excellent candidates for laser hair removal – manscaping edition? That easy, men who currently undergo frequent and painful waxing treatments to get rid of excessive back, shoulder, chest or genital hair.

How does laser hair removal work? The laser light energy is used to penetrate the hair shaft which kills the root and results in the reduction and removal of hair in the treated area. The results of laser hair removal are permanent for most but in some cases you may need to return for the occasional touch ups to get rid of the random stragglers.

The lasers will work on anyone but they are most effective on those with lighter skin and darker hair and less effective for those with blonde hair, or dark skin and dark hair. The cost and number of treatments required will vary depending on a few factors; the size of the area being treated, the color of skin and hair, and the pricing set by the facility you choose to go to. It is rare for patients to need more than eight treatments and most fall within the 5-7 range.

The treatments are not any more painful than one would experience from waxing the same area, the main difference is clients will experience a different sensation as the hair is not being ripped out but rather is killed with light energy. Nothing a man can’t handle 😉