Laser hair removal means never having to shave again. But if you’re the type of person who likes to analyze things, then you may be concerned about laser hair removal.

What are the pros and cons of laser hair removal? Find out today!


Speed: Compared to the next most popular permanent hair removal method, electrolysis, laser hair removal is very fast. With electrolysis, a fine needle needs to be inserted into each hair that you want to remove, which then zaps and damages the root of the hair. With laser hair removal, lasers are finely tuned to target multiple hair follicles underneath the skin at the same time.

Safety: Laser hair removal safety is only a concern when you’re working with a low-quality clinic or with poorly-trained technicians. If you’re smart about choosing your laser hair removal clinic, then you have nothing to worry about.

Less Painful: Although not totally painless, laser hair removal is typically less painful than electrolysis. If you’re particularly sensitive to pain, then you may wish to receive a numbing cream in the targeted area, which makes the procedure much more comfortable.

Effective for Large Areas: If you need to remove hair from a large area of your body – like your back or legs – then laser hair removal is easily your best option. Electrolysis on large areas of your body just takes too long, as the technician needs to individually target each hair.


Side Effects: Laser hair removal isn’t free from side effects, especially when you work with low-quality machines or inexperienced technicians. Some people experience itching or swelling in the targeted area, which typically disappears after 2-3 days. A rare number of patients develop more serious side effects, including burning, skin discoloration, blistering, and infection.

Multiple Treatments: If you want to totally remove hair from the targeted area, then you can expect to require 6-8 treatments.

Works Best on Dark Hair: Laser hair removal is always more effective on darker hair. Lasers target melanin, and hair follicles with more melanin can more easily be removed. If you have light hair, then you may need to dye it before undergoing laser hair removal.

Image Source: Flickr