Laser hair removal is a popular cosmetic procedure that helps ensure women and men never have to shave again. Today, thanks to modern laser hair removal technology, women are enjoying laser hair removal that is more convenient than ever before.

There are two popular reasons why women typically undergo laser hair removal: convenience and confidence.

If you’re sick and tired of spending every day plucking, waxing, shaving, and tweezing various parts of your body, then laser hair removal can be an extremely convenient procedure that saves you hundreds of hours of time over the years.

If you want to be able to relax knowing that your body always looks good, then laser hair removal can improve your confidence by leaps and bounds.

Women typically need approximately 8 sessions in order to completely remove hair from the targeted areas of the body.

Women Who Were Scared Away in the Past Shouldn’t Be Scared Today

Some women underwent laser hair removal procedures a decade or more ago, when the industry was still in its early stages of growth.

Many of these women have never tried the procedure again.

During the early days, laser hair removal could be quite painful. High-intensity lasers clumsily targeted hair follicles beneath the skin while also severely burning the surrounding skin in the process.

Worst of all, many women noticed that the procedure barely even worked: some of their hairs had disappeared, but they still had to shave the area regularly to totally remove the hairs. What was the point?

“No Heat, No Pinching, No Nothing: 100 per cent completely pain-free”

Such was the case with one woman who writes for After having a disastrous experience with laser hair removal treatment sessions in the past, she approached her recent session with trepidation.

During the procedure, she felt “No heat, no pinching, no nothing: 100 per cent completely pain-free. On all regions.”

Today, laser hair removal equipment has improved by leaps and bounds. Laser hair removal clinics are available all across Canada. Equipment is operated by professionally trained and licensed physicians who often have decades of experience perfecting hair removal treatment.

These physicians are able to provide a high standard of care to laser hair removal patients. That means no pain, no irritation, and no downtime.

For all of these reasons, there’s never been a better time than today to schedule your laser hair removal appointment in Vancouver.

Image Source: Flickr